Forget about the pumpkin spice latte, once you try this turmeric tea it will be your new fall drink favorite. Every time I travel back home to New Jersey my mom makes sure to have the ingredients on hand. Not only is it extremely delicious and full of flavor, but it’s good for you!

Turmeric Root
Cinnamon Sticks


  • Put a pot of water on the stove, the amount of water will depend on your preference, but for me, one cup is not enough! I always make 4 (2 cups for me and 2 cups for my mom)
  • Wash your turmeric (I will use two roots per cup). Use a peeler to get the skin off, then cut the root into a couple pieces and throw it in your pot.
  • Add cinnamon sticks (again I use 2 per cup)
  • Add a handful of cloves to the pot
  • Sprinkle some nutmeg into the pot
  • Bring the pot to a slow boil. Remember, the longer your ingredients steep, the stronger your tea will be.
  • When you are pouring your tea, be sure to use a strainer, to avoid all the ingredients from falling into your cup
  • ENJOY!


  • Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory and you’ll start to notice I add it to many things. I love it because it helps with acne inflammation, and my mom loves it because it helps with the inflammation of her joints.
  • Cinnamon is a great source of fiber, meaning it will help you eliminate waste products from your body. DIGESTION IS EVERYTHING WHEN IT COMES TO CLEAR SKIN!

I don’t know what it is exactly, but the second I have a few sips of this tea, I feel absolutely amazing! Both the aroma and taste will have you feeling all fall and tingly. Please leave your comments! I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

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