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There’s no sugar coating it—acne isn’t cute. It has devastating effects on our self-esteem, and because of that, we want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Remember, our skin, like our hearts and lungs, are organs that need to be cared for. So what’s the best way to treat a problem? Figure out what’s causing it in the first place.

If you get a pimple here and there, during your period, it may be enough to use an over-the-counter spot treatment or let it go away on its own. But if your breakouts are more than just one pain-in-the-ass-pimple, there may be an underlying issue that you’ll want to get to the bottom of. To get to the bottom of your acne, take a minute to take note of your skin, and ask yourself a few questions.

When Did the Breakouts Start?

If you‘re able to pinpoint when your breakouts started, it can be easy to determine the cause of your acne. For example, you may have recently switched your face wash or lotion. You may have recently started or stopped taking birth control. Maybe you started using a different brand of coverup, or you added something new to your diet. These simple changes may not agree with your skin and could be the cause of a breakout.

Are You Under a Lot of Stress?

Although stress isn’t technically said to be a direct cause of acne, it can definitely be a contributing factor. For instance, when we’re stressed, our bodies produce a stress hormone called cortisol. When cortisol is released, the production of sebum, or natural oils, increases. This increase in oil can clog our pores, causing pimples to form, or it could worsen acne that’s already present. Stress could even cause a person to change their eating habits, or to lose sleep, which could also be contributing factors to acne.

What Are You Eating?

Diet is everything. When we’re eating right, our bodies are nourished with the vitamins and minerals they need to function properly. For example, when I was breaking out all over my face, I took a look at my diet and realized it consisted of lots and lots of dairy. As you may know, dairy can be very clogging—and clog it did.

When I cut dairy out of my diet, I realized how much of it I was actually ingesting. Dairy is in everything! Now that my skin is under control, I’ll still indulge in some mac and cheese, and brie and crackers, but I still manage my intake.

Where Are the Breakouts?

If you take a look at the face map in this blog, you’ll notice each part of the face is directly correlated with the organs in our bodies. For instance, every time I drink, I can expect to have a pimple pop up in between my eyebrows—the liver area. In order to combat this, I try not to drink as much, but since I know this, I can also take the steps necessary to heal my liver (Hint: I take fenugreek every day).

How Often Are You Going to the Bathroom?

When I went to my homeopathic doctor, he took a look at my skin and immediately asked me how often I was going to the bathroom. It wasn’t something I paid attention to or noticed, but as it turned out, not often enough.

The way our body eliminates toxins is through the digestive system. And as you could probably figure out, if our bodies are not eliminating toxins naturally, they’ll come out in other ways (i.e. our skin)!

It’s important to ask yourself these questions because you don’t want to get rid of one pimple, only to have another pop-up. You want to get rid of your acne for once and for all. And as you’ll quickly learn from my blogs, having clear skin—especially for those who don’t have the perfect skin gene—is a lifestyle change.

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  1. Thanks. I actually kept track of when my acne began to get really bad. I was extremely depressed and went many, too many nights without eating. It has gotten better in the last 12 months. But I do see some foods that need to come out of my diet.


    1. I went cold turkey with dairy. I cut it out of everything, to the point of me drinking my coffee black. Once the acne gets under control, then you can add it back into your diet here and there. But definitely try removing the foods you feel are causing you problems and see if there’s any difference. Keep me posted!

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