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Let me tell you about two of my favorite herbs…


I initially started taking fenugreek as a liver cleanser. If you’ve read my previous blogs, you’ll understand why—every time I drink, I end up breaking out in between my eyebrows—the area of your skin that reflects the health of your liver.

After taking it for a while, I noticed my skin was glowing, so I did a little more research… As it turns out, fenugreek also acts as a diuretic, helping to cleanse your body of toxins. So again, if you’ve read my blogs, you’ll know that your bathroom habits are kind of a big deal when it comes to your skin.

Fenugreek also acts as an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, making it a great herb to take for clear skin. You can take it orally, as well as apply it topically.


You may have noticed that turmeric is all the rage these days. You see people making drinks out of it, adding it to their meals, and using it topically. There’s a reason for this—turmeric is great for a lot of things! One of these things being your skin.

Turmeric is an antibacterial, and anti-fungal, and an anti-inflammatory. Personally, I don’t love using turmeric topically because it stains everything, including the face. However, I will use it if I have an under the skin pimples, as I’ve noticed it helps draw the pimple out from below the surface, allowing the skin to heal faster. Other than that, I take it orally. I have turmeric tea, the extract, and I’ll add the spice into my everyday cooking.

While I’ve noticed these things have done wonders for my skin, I do urge that you do your own research and ask your doctor before adding anything else into your diet. You can find these herbs in most natural food stores and online. 

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