Our bodies are working machines, and what we ingest daily has an affect, good or bad, on how our bodies will function. Healthy foods will supply our body’s organs with the vitamins and nutrients they need to properly function. And whether we like it or not, what’s happening on the inside of our bodies reflects on the outside,
in other words, through our skin.

The reason I’m writing this blog is because I have experienced, first hand, what healthy eating can do for my skin. I’ve experienced severe acne off and on since I was a teenager. I’ve tried topicals, antibiotics, Acctuane (multiple times), and everything else you could possibly imagine. My last resort was to see a homeopathic healer, who stressed to me the importance of clean eating. It wasn’t until I changed my diet that I saw consistent results. I know how debilitating bad skin can be, so I am writing this blog in the hopes of helping someone change their life. Please leave comments letting me know what recipes you like and what you’re trying. I would love to be involved on your journey to healthier skin.

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